Back to the Blog. Traveling to Europe November 15 2010

Hi There,

I have taken a bit of time of the blog. Mostly because I've been traveling and then recuperating from the traveling. But now I'm staying put for a little while and I'd like to write again.

Mike and I went on a 12 day trip to Europe in August. Originally, we were supposed to go in May, but I became very sick with an infection and had to hospitalized. Then, I couldn't get health insurance to travel out of the country because of the infection and my cancer. We checked into many "Medical Insurance Companies" but no one wants to insure someone with a terminal illness so it looked like I wouldn't be able to travel out of the country again. I was disappointed about that because I felt that my Oom Jan (my uncle spririt guide) really wanted me to go there. I didn't know the reason why, but I figured it had to do with his daughters Bianca and Chantal whom I very close to.

Bianca was diagnosed with breast cancer around the same time I was first diagnosed in the spring of 2008. Since then Bianca has had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and at her last check-up a couple of months ago, everything is fine.

So back to the Health Insurance story... somehow we did find a company who agreed to cover me as long as I didn't have a health incident for 3 months. We considered that a miracle in itself.

So we crossed our fingers and prayed and were very careful and after 3 months, we booked the trip and had a wonderful 12 days in Holland, Belgium and Paris.

I had great spiritual talks with my cousins and assured them that their father was very much a part of their lives. I think that is what Oom Jan wanted. It felt right. After Mike and I returned home from our trip we were looking at pictures and Mike spotted this really cool picture (shown below)

This picture was taken along the Seine in Paris. I spotted what looked like a class of 12-15 children with a teacher. I took a photo of the group and then this young man stood aside so I could take his picture. After I took it he said "merci". I wondered at the time why he was thanking me. It should of been me thanking him.

When we looked at the pictures after we returned home. Mike looked at this one and pointed out the words on the "French" boys T shirt. It said "Guardian Angel" and the way he was holding his arms were like Angel wings. And that girl in the back...she is my cousin Chantal. Oom Jan's daughter. Wow! Talk about goosebumps. There is no doubt in my mind that our guides are always with us. What do you think?