The "C" card January 13, 2012

The big "C"!  One of our largest fears, and now it is here glaring at me. I meekly ride the c waves or do I play the C card? What would you do?
My conscience  tells me not to take advantage of my disadvantage. I mean.... there are many who are much more unfortunate than me but I've been taught to play cards
since I was very young and now I wonder if it is time to play the old trump or at least the "Ace". So for the last couple of weeks I've been experimenting with the"card".  The other day
I had very little energy and needed to park my car in a certain area. So I parked in a disabled persons spot and hung my sign in the window. (I have a permit, but haven't felt
the need to use it until today.) When I returned to my car, I found a $50 parking ticket on my windshield. It turns out that my permit had expired! My total income for a month is now $652, and this was in December, the expensive month so $50 is a large amount for me to part with. I figured that now was the time to play my hand.
So....I hobbled to the police station with an excellent story which would bring any soul to tears. When I began to explain my predicament to the lovely young lady at the police station, she cut me off and told me if I renewed my permit, she would make the parking ticket "disappear". Just like that! So I ended up paying $31 to  renew my permit so I wouldn't have to pay the $50 fine. Now I feel more like I played the  9 of hearts. I didn't really get the full potential of the "C" card.
The other evening, I was playing a board game with my friends. I wasn't winning at all so I thought this would be a good time to play the "C" card again. But my other cancer survivor friend reminded me that she had cancer 2 times, while "even though I'm dying, I've only had it once",  so I could hardly play my trump card that day.
So.... perhaps I will hold my hand close to my heart and wait for the right and proper opportunity to finally play that card. That may be never. Even so....I'm still winning.