Don't Put it Off!

My father recently lost 4 relatives that were close to him. He is 78 years old and he says "when you are my age, people are dropping all around you".

I guess the same can be said for when you belong to a cancer community. Last week I learned about the death of a lovely person "Janice MacEachern Simmonds". This lady has been in my life for many years. She and I became grandmothers about the same time and since then we have been having a contest on who has the most grandchildren. (She is winning). While I had my catering business I sold my food at Janice's daughter Kali's store where Janice's other daughter Nara also worked.

Janice's mom Bonnie came to my booth regularly and bought my food and I also delivered meals to Janice's father Jim at his home.

Janice is very lucky to be part of the MacEachern family. I know many of them from the Farmer's Market.

Iwas shocked to hear that Janice had cancer a couple of months ago. I immediately wanted to call her but kept putting it off. Finally one day about a month ago I did call Janice and we had a lovely talk. We had made plans for us to get together after she return from treatments in Mexico.

That was a month ago and this evening I will be going to her wake. How can someone who is making plans to visit me a month ago be dead? I just don't understand it. And it is leaving me with an ache in my heart that just won't subside.  I don't understand why I am taking this so hard. I know she is o.k. and in a good place and at peace. And I think of her family and friends and realize how very lucky we are to have had Janice in our lives. She was a shining light and continues to be.

I am so grateful that I had that talk with Janice a month ago. It reminds me to not put things off. Do it now.

Godspeed my friend. I love you!