Getting the Nudge, April 9 2002

Have you ever woken from a really sound beautiful sleep by....something? That is what happened to me tonight or should I say this morning since it is almost 2 am. I feel like I received a spiritual nudge from one of my insomniatic spririt guides. I'm pretty good about "going with the flow" and "these things happen for a reason" but wtf? Where is my list of instructions? There is no fire to put out, everyone in the house is breathing as they should. All the doors are locked. Value Village is closed so I'm not missing any great deals. What is the purpose of my being awakened from the land of peace and dreams to this??? But what is this? It is a time for me to reflect on my day and take note of the good, but also recognizing that I could have changed the whole energy of the day by speaking my truth or to let it go. Also 2 am is when the spirits are busy at work trying to teach me a lesson. I am at your mercy Spirits. Show me the way!