If it was meant to be, it will happen - Gale Morgan, July 15, 2010

My very wise friend Gale often says "Things are as they should be" or "It was meant to be it will happen ". By this, she means everything happens for a reason.

If you really really want something to happen and it doesn't... know that it didn't happen for a reason and some day you will know why.

When I ponder about the events that happened or is happening in my life, I now know that all these situations whether they were good or bad, brought me to where I am today. And where I am today, is a very good place.

A few years ago, my sister Judy who is suffering from polycystic liver disease was on the list to get a liver transplant. Her doctors were encouraging her to find a "living donor" instead of waiting for liver from someone who has died.

After seeing my sister suffer from this disease for too many years, I wanted to help. Luckily I had the right blood type to be a donor. The liver regenerates so the doctors would take half of my liver and place it into Judy and both our livers would eventually grow to the normal size.

So we put our heads down and planned. We had a huge fundraiser to raise the money it would cost for the procedure for both of us. Everything was in place but we couldn't get a commitment from the transplant team. We waited and waited. We were frustrated, expecting to hear word any day for us to come to Toronto for the operation. Finally the doctors summonded Judy to Toronto where they did several tests and then decided it would not be a good idea to do this surgery. They agreed it would be too risky for both Judy and myself.

We were devastated. We thought that Judy would be able to finally enjoy her life and the doctors abrubtly put an end to those dreams.

Now, looking back, it was a good thing, because a year later I was diagnosed with cancer and if I had that surgery, I probably wouldn't be here now.

And for Judy, her life isn't so bad either. She still hasn't had her transplant. But she still has liver function and as long as she has that, the doctors won't do the transplant. Judy still has some pretty rough days but she isn't waiting every day for her life to start anymore. She is living now.

At this time Judy is the wonderful grandmother to the cutest and luckiest little 2 year old boy you ever met and she has 2 more grandchildren coming any day. So, it all worked out the way it was meant to be.

Even though it was extremely difficult and emotional for everyone involved when my first marriage broke up, it was a very good lesson for me and everyone involved. Now that time as passed and the emotions aren't as high, we can see that it was meant to be. But also that the marriage in the first place was meant to be.

I have no regrets about decisions I have made because right now, I am in a wonderful place in my life and it took all the good and all the bad to get here in this place.

Getting cancer sucked, but looked where it has brought me. I loved my life before I was diagnosed but now I treasure my life and isn't that the way it should be?

The two pictures are of Gale and me on our motorcycle trip on the Iles de la Madeleines, It was a blast!

Gale and me on our trip to Iles de la Madeleine

The picture below is my sister Judy and myself on the New York City subway.

Judy and me on the subway in New York City