Mike, my soulmate, June 25 2010

I will never know how I became lucky enough to be Mrs. Mike Antolick!

Everyday I thank God and my spirit guides for this wonderful gift. I seriously believe this man is a gift from heaven.

After my 24 year marriage ended, I swore off men. Never again was I going to be mixed up with another male. They all sucked! No sooner did I proclaim this and this wonderful person lands at my feet.

He asked me out and I said "No". I just wasn't ready for it. But as the week went by I found myself smiling and smiling. More than I had in a very long time. It had been a very long time since I felt good about myself or that anyone said anything good about me so my self esteem was in the toilet. I couldn't believe that someone would want to spend time with me.

I decided to call this man and believe me it took a lot of courage to do it. But I wanted him to know how he lifted my spirits after being so sad for so long.

So a couple of weeks later he asked me out for tea. "Just tea" he said.  So we had tea and talked and talked and talked.

Then we started seeing each other almost every week-end. It was very special. We both felt a connection with each other right away.  It would seem that we would be thinking the same thing at the same time.

Other than him liking Burton Cummings and me liking mayonnaise on my french fries, we pretty welll agreed on everything.

A year later, bought a house and moved in together. Four years later, I was diagnosed with the big "C".

3 weeks after that we went on an already planned trip to Europe and on the Eiffel Tower, this amazing man asked me to marry him.  Of course I said yes.  3 week later I had a parotidectomy in Halifax. I ended up in the hospital in Halifax for 3 weeks due to a nasty infection. Mike stayed with me for 2 weeks then when my friends came to take over, Mike would come over on his days off for just the day to visit. This kind and dedicated man was my rock. After my infection cleared up I underwent 7 weeks of radiation.

The following February was when tests showed I had about a dozen small tumors in both my lungs. They were scattered about so radiation was out of the question and my type of cancer doesn't respond well to chemotherapy. So there was no story. The doctors did predict that these tumors would be slow-growing which is basically true up to now.

Mike stayed strong and positive and always thought that I would be around for a long time.

After all this we decided we had to get away so we went to Cuba for a much needed vacation. On our second day there we receive a message that my mom passed away suddenly. Luckily we found a flight back and we're able to make the wake and funeral. I couldn't have made it through this time without Mike.

We married on August 22, 2009 at 6:21 am at a sunrise ceremony on the beach at Panmure Island.

With Mike I also gained a wonderful step-son, 2 of the best step-daughters one could ask for and even Mike's ex wife Sylvie. We are all very close.

Neither Mike or I believe that death will separate us. Physically maybe, but we will always be connected.

Thank You God!

Bye the way I apologize to all you men. You don't suck! Sorry!