My Cancer Community, June 20, 2010

One of the great blessings of having cancer for me is my Cancer Community.

I know several people who also had or have cancer. And so I belong to this exclusive club.

One friend who is a cancer survivor who wasn't expected to live, but did, said to me. "We are the chosen ones". That made me feel special.

Yes cancer sucks, but if you have it, there can be some great benefits including the cancer community.

All the staff and volunteers at the PEI Cancer Centre are amazing. They are very professional yet human and compassionate. Three cheers for all of them.

My friend "Kate" also has cancer and her prognosis isn't that great either. We are buds. Before we were diagnosed with cancer we knew each other a bit, but now we are kindred spirits. We can talk about cancer and dying to each other like we can't to others. And we do.

Kate said to me that I'm am the person closest to spirit that she knows. But I wonder if that is true. It could be anyone. We just never know, but I feel blessed to have the "heads up" and I can prepare.

I also have a friend "Mac" who is facing his second cancer diagnosis in a year. This time he has a "loonie" sized tumor in the back of his brain.

He is scheduled for surgery next week. He, his lovely wife Edwina and family are quite anxious about the surgery. They really don't know what to expect. The surgery Mac had last summer was quite extensive and it's been a hard recovery for him.

So yesterday I introduced Mac and Edwina to Kate who had this same procedure at the same hospital last year. She was able to ease much of the fears for them. It felt wonderful to see them visibly relax and when you look at Kate and all she has been through, it is very reassuring. If she can do it, so can Mac and so can anyone else.

So when I left them, they were still talking and I know Mac and Edwina were feeling much more optomistic, Kate was feeling good to offer support and I was feeling really great that they connected.

It was a good day.