RIP? Not me, no way! November 21, 2010

For some people who have had a hard life or a hard death, RIP or Rest in Peace is appropriate. For way.

After I die, I don't want to rest. I want to do stuff. I'm assuming that I will be in the next world, where my mom and sister are, where there are angels and spirit guides and of course God. And do you think I want to rest? Nope not me. I want to learn how to do cool stuff and be a spirit guide and have a happy reunion with all the people who have passed before me. I may even learn how to play the harp.

I want to save loved ones from near death. I want to guide my family and keep them safe. I want to make birds appear at special occasions. I want you to know that I am very close.

I want to get orientated. Check out my new digs and watch over all of you. That doesn't sound like resting to me. Peace is good. I'm o.k. with that, but not peaceful. So what should go on my tombstone? How about LFTL, Looking for the Light!