Theresa, birds and Mom, June 17, 2010

Since Theresa's death, whenever we have a significant event in our family, we often see flocks of birds. This always happens at weddings. It proves to the family that Theresa is also attending the ceremony. So it is never a surprise but all the same we are very excited when it happens.

After my mom died, my brother Steve was jokingly but not really joking wondering if Theresa was teaching Mom the "bird trick".

So last summer Mike and I were married at a sunrise ceremony on the beach and as soon as the ceremony was was just like someone said "Release the birds". A beautiful flock of geese flew over the rising sun. We all had goosebumps. It was beautiful as you can see by the picture.

So the answer to your question Steve is "Yes, yes, yes!" Mom knows the bird trick.

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