Would She Just Die Already? April 9, 2012

It has been more than 3 years since the doctors have told me that there is no story. No cure, no treatment, Nothing, Nada!. That was pretty harsh news. So my friends and I gathered around and comforted one another and decided we should all live our days like they are our last days. So here I am three years later, doing just that. I'm living my life like it is my last days. Now my friends are like...o.k. it's been three years, would she just die already. I'm no longer on  their "pitiful friends" list. This Karin person is having way too much fun living her last days. I'm a pain in the butt! Sure we need to live our lives like it our last but you can only do that so long. Especially if you have a family to raise and bills to pay. But here is Karin, having lots of fun, going on trips while my friends are trying to pay the mortgage and raise their children.  Most of my friends have forgotten that I have cancer. They have moved on to their sicker and needier friends. But seriously, I am so blessed to still be here after 3 years of getting a terrible diagnosis and I am enjoying my life. Every day of it. If I die tomorrow, I would be high-fiving someone and thanking them for giving me these wonderful and precious days. And...just for the record, it's kind of cool that my friends and I have forgotten I'm dying. Better run and pack my suitcase for my next adventure! Blessings!